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Food Tech Happy Hour Meet & Greet

Epic Events

Food Tech Happy Hour Meet & Greet

Hi everyone! I was thinking we can do an informal drinks session for some of this group's early members to get to know each other before I start organizing speaker events next month. Tunnel Top Bar's Happy Hour ends at 7:30pm. If another day or place works best, I'm open to other options. Please check back here for updates.

If you're interested in being a co-organizer or volunteer at the event for checkins or other events, let me know!

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6:30pm - 7:30pm: Happy Hour


Venue: Tunnel Top Lounge and Bar
601 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Notice of Photo/Video Consent: Video footage (including 360 Video) and/or photos may be taken during this event, which may or may not include your recognizable image. Please be advised, by participating in this event, you agree to allow AR + CV and its partners to use the images in print, digital or web-based formats for promotional and archival purposes.




Type: Event

Vendor: Epic Events