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Figure Eight, Intel, Iris Automation & NAUTO Computer Vision Heads Panel

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Figure Eight, Intel RealSense, Iris Automation & NAUTO Computer Vision Heads Fireside Chat and Panel

Come join fellow Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning folks for our fun-packed event!

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6:30pm - 7:00pm: Registration and Networking
7:00pm - 7:10pm: Opening remarks 
7:10pm - 8:00pm: Computer Vision Heads Fireside Chat and Panel

  • Humayun Irshad - Lead Scientist, Machine Learning & Computer Vision, Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower)

    Humayun Irshad is currently the Lead Scientist of Machine Learning at Figure Eight, the essential human-in-the-loop AI platform for data science and machine learning teams. He has expertise in developing machine learning, more specifically deep learning frameworks for various applications like object detection, segmentation and classification in fields ranging from medical, retail, self-driving car, satellite, fashion, etc. Now a days, he is building Active Learning frameworks for selection of training data from labeled or unlabeled dataset to build model to avoid over-training and dealing corner cases. He has 3 years PostDoc experience at Harvard Medical School where he developed machine learning and deep learning frameworks for Computer Aided Diagnosis system including region of interest detection, nuclei and gland detection, segmentation and classification in 2D and 3D medical images. He got a PhD in Computer Science from University of Grenoble France.

    | Company Info | Figure Eight is the essential Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning platform. The Figure Eight technology platform uses machine learning assisted annotation solutions to create the high quality training data needed by models to work in the real world. Figure Eight supports a wide range of computer vision and natural language processing use cases — video object tracking, autonomous vehicles, robotics, predictive maintenance, facial recognition, medical images, aerial and satellite imagery, consumer product detection, content categorization, intelligent chat bots, document transcription, voice assistant training, audio transcription, sentiment analysis, product categorization, and search relevance – and a broad range of industries – automotive, financial services, media and entertainment, retail and ecommerce, technology, agriculture, manufacturing, medical and healthcare, power and utilities, security and surveillance, transportation and travel, and government. The Figure Eight platform operates at an unprecedented scale having generated over 10 billion training data labels to power real world AI applications. For more information on the company, visit

  • Alon Konchitsky - Former Lead Engineer for Machine Vision, Computer Vision/Machine Learning and Product Marketing, Intel RealSense; former VC, Sun Capital Partners; former consultant, Apple; Founder, CEO, CTO, Noise Free Wireless (speech processing offerings ended up in Apple's Siri); Mentor, StartX; Research affiliate at the Stanford University Electrical Engineering Department working on discrete time processing. 

    Alon has deep experience in various AI products and IoT machine vision platforms, as an innovator with 100+ patents. He has extensive experience at Fortune 100 companies with agile product management methodologies, where he defined the strategy and then took products from proof concept to global release. As an entrepreneur he founded/guided startup companies to grow throughout the whole life cycle, from inception to completion in terms of vision, capacity, performance, yield and efficiency. Prior joining Intel, Alon built a personal identification platform from the ground up. Later led pHive which was sold to Legalitics. Alon has also acted in senior level product marketing and R&D innovation positions, at Apple and Nokia. Alon holds a B.S. In computer science & electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University, Masters in Businesses Administration and Venture from Haas school of Management at Berkeley, and Doctorate in EE from Bournemouth University.

  • Alejandro Galindo - Head of R&D, Iris Automation; MIT Technology Review Innovator under 35

    Alejandro Galindo is a Computer Vision expert focused on enabling drones to fly beyond visual line of sight and effectively unlock the industrial drone market. He was born in Bolivia where he studied Computer Science and then worked for two years developing computer vision systems. He then moved to Edinburgh Scotland to get his Masters in Computer Vision. After a short period of work he moved to France to do his PhD in Computer Vision. He currently heads the R&D team at Iris Automation Inc, where he combines conventional computer vision and deep learning solutions to solve problems like the detection of manned aircraft using cameras mounted on drones. He doesn’t believe in end to end deep learning solutions.

    In his “spare time” he focuses on smart traffic control systems, baffled by the fact that we already see autonomous vehicles driving around but traffic lights and traffic control systems in general work the same way they did 100 years ago. He still has to wait in a red traffic even if nobody else is coming from the other directions.

  • Vaibhav Ghadiok - Head of Mapping, NAUTO

    Vaibhav Ghadiok is a Robotics Engineer with experience in Geometric Computer Vision, State Estimation (Localization/Mapping/Navigation) and Control of dynamical systems. A decade ago he designed one of the first autonomous drones demonstrating autonomous aerial manipulation for the first time. At Nauto, he conceptualized and spearheaded a real-time collaborative HD mapping system and delivered it to one of the largest automakers in the world. Fun fact: He has built robots that fly, climb stairs, interact with humans, dock with spacecrafts, autonomously navigate indoors and more.

    | Company Info | Nauto is an artificial intelligence-powered automotive technology company that is improving the safety of commercial fleets today and the autonomous fleets of tomorrow. Nauto’s intelligent driver safety system assesses how drivers interact with the vehicle and the road ahead to reduce distracted driving and collisions. With this knowledge Nauto is powering the development of self-driving technology that brings the best of human driving to autonomy. Nauto was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with offices in Japan and Europe.

  • Miroslav Lysyuk, Moderator - Product Manager for Camera Sensors, Samsara; Augmented Reality Product Lead, Mapbox; Product Manager, Partner, Thinktiv; Product Manager, UNSEEN; BA, Anthropology, International Studies, University of Chicago. 

    Miroslav is a product expert at the intersection of camera technology, location data, and AR experiences. He’s currently a PM at Samsara building the next generation of computer vision technology for connected operations and until recently ran Mapbox’s location-based augmented reality team. 

    Prior to Samsara and Mapbox, Miroslav helped launch and transform several businesses spanning Autonomous Vehicle HD mapping to emotional intelligence training games. 

8:00pm - 9:00pm: Networking


Venue: Galvanize (44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105). 

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Venue Sponsor: Google Launchpad

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