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Augmented Reality Industry Highlights + Meta + Demos

Epic Events

Come join Google Launchpad & fellow Augmented Reality + Computer Vision folks at Google Launchpad for our fun-packed event! 

Food and Drinks provided by Google Launchpad. 


6:00pm - 6:30pm: Registration and Networking  
6:30pm - 6:35pm: Opening remarks by Anna Cho  
6:30pm - 7:00pm:   
-Alexis Macklin, Lead AR Analyst, Greenlight Insights 

2017 Augmented Reality Industry Report 

7:00pm - 7:30pm:
-Moqian “Momo” Tian, Neuroscience Research Lead, Meta

7:30pm - 8:00pm: AR + CV Demos  
-Tribe VRAn immersive learning platform, harnessing VR and AR to enable people to learn, create and share. 


Our initial focus is on DJing and Music production. Tribe VR democratizes music creation - learning to DJ is expensive - hardware is expensive, class availability is limited and video learning is imperfect - all of which create barriers to wannabe DJs, especially millennials. iPad and Desktop DJ apps have been widely downloaded but are limited by hardware constraints.

Tribe VR harnesses VR and AR to remove these frictions - music fans and wannabe DJs can learn real-world DJ skills from virtual mentors on the Tribe VRplatform, using virtual decks, creating music in VR and sharing music outside of VR. 

Tribe VR's learning program is being developed in partnership with industry experts, electronic music schools and Top DJs.

We believe VR and AR are the next frontier for learning and music creation. The future of VR and AR will be mobile, more affordable and accessible - and the mixes created by DJs on Tribe will be sharable beyond VR to a worldwide (VR and non-VR) audience. DJing is an ideal first use-case for Tribe VR's immersive learning and creation platform.

Tribe VR's co-founders believe passionately in VR, are music fans and frustrated bedroom DJs. We see VR as a powerful democratizer for music creation, and the ultimate learning platform. Collectively the founders have built and / or worked at technology, entertainment and VR companies, including Pixar, High Fidelity, Virtually Live, Transparent House and SuperAwesome

-Moment LabsA VR application for prototyping & storyboarding VR experiences. We're creating a product called Moment Studio, a VR application for prototyping & storyboarding VR experiences. Our company's goal is to help designers & creatives effectively visualize & communicate their ideas.

-Raccoon WorldAn innovative tech company in mobile VR/AR and video gaming industry. Since 2015 the company creates hand-gadgets that allow interacting with digital world.

“Raccoon.World is the world of totally new hand-gadgets that allow interacting with virtual and digital reality, easily and joyful. We’ve done lots of researches to find out what the ideal controllers for VR and video games should be – and created them! is the startup that provides users with the entirely new gaming experience. With our gadgets you can not only control virtual world, but actually touch it!” - says Svitlana Malovana, CEO of Raccoon.World

Two main developments of Raccoon.World include Raccoon.Glove and Raccoon.Clip. Glove is an award-winning multifunctional device that transfers fine motor skills to VR or a robotic hand and provides a tactile experience with virtual or remote objects.

The latest Raccoon’s creation is Raccoon.Clip - a unique controller for mobile VR and video gaming. This project is a result of the most recent Raccoon’s R&D department research made with the help of 5000+ gamers from all over the world. The clip has already gained the attention of international media and great feedback from gaming industry insiders. The official premiere of the Clip will be held later this year with a launch on Kickstarter on September, 26.

The company is a member of UploadVR community and a CES-participant. Raccoon.World was named one of the Top 10 Startups of 2017 in Robotics and VR sector by Techstars Boston, ‘Best Project 2017’ (Audience Choice) at Vernadsky Challenge and International Startup Battle (People’s and Jury’s Choice), winner at CRDF Global competition.

-Sturfee: AR Vision startup providing cameras street intelligence to execute business applications.

8:00pm - 9:00pm: Networking   

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