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Augmented Reality Demo + Mixer

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AR Demo + Mixer

Come join River Ecosystem & fellow Augmented Reality folks at the River Lounge for our very first event! This event is primarily focused on Augmented Reality. Snacks and Drinks provided by River Ecosystem and VR/AR Association SF Chapter.

River Ecosystem is an events and consulting company that runs a frontier tech accelerator and event space in SoMa.

VR/AR Association is a global industry association for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, connecting leading solution providers with brands & customers.


7:00pm - 7:30pm: Networking

7:30pm - 8:30pm: Demo Presentations

8:30pm - 9:00pm: Networking

Demo Lineup:

- HoloShatter (
- ZBook ( (Pachas Pajamas (
- Kodama World
- 3DLook (
- Innoactive (
- DMV AR Glass ( - DMV Ventures ( (Google Glass V2 Enterprise Edition)

*Check Back for Updates*

HoloShatter: Selfie culture floods us with a never ending stream of egos. Those curated artifacts are not us, but mirror some part of us. HoloShatter offers an opportunity to unpack that facade. A fine art installation leveraging Hololens, it has been featured at festivals, conferences, galleries, and more. HoloShatter is a project from CODAME Labs and a collaboration between @yosun and @starpause.

ZBook: ZBook is pioneering the next evolution of books. Their augmented reality book platform enables publishers, authors, and corporations to bring their books to life. The first ZBook is the younger reader book, Pacha's Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature. Hovering the Pacha Alive app over the illustrations in the book makes the characters jump off the page with 3D animations featuring celebrities including Mos Def, Cheech Marin, and Talib Kweli. In addition to kids books, ZBook will bring to life textbooks, cookbooks, non-fiction books, guides, manuals, and catalogs.

Kodama World: Kodama™ gives a physical dimension to digital worlds. It is a playground, where you can physically manipulate digital content, keeping it real. The Kodama Mat defines the boundaries of the experience, as users move Kodama toys over the Mat, the Mat recreates the movement on screens you already own, like iPads, smartphones, smartTVs, but also in augmented reality - for the first time enabling to touch and feel digital. Kodama™ is so easy to use that our first product Kodama™ Worlds, is designed for children aged 5 to 12. Playing, collaborating and engaging together over social play experiences. Our company makes games, and brings content to the Kodama platform through partnerships with 3rd parties video games studios. With Kodama Worlds, the nature of the interaction is educative, we don't just port school books to tablets.

3D Look: 3DLOOK transforms the way how people interact with their smartphones and tablets to solve common everyday tasks. We use machine learning, computer vision and 3D matching technologies to scan and measure human body for the subsequent utilization in apparel, fitness and other industries using mobile devices. We have created an app Starlook (, which is available on the App Store and which showcases our technology and how it works for end customers. With the help of Starlook you can measure your body with the help of just 2 photos and get your clothing sizes for a bunch of major brands.

DMV AR Glass: DMV AR GLASS is a specialized company for contents design based on augmented reality. It is a new media + digilog design company creating design that you never experienced before on the basis of augmented reality that is newly composed by extending a virtual reality from the real world.

Innoactive GmbH

The Innoactive® Hub, the leading mixed reality enterprise platform, includes an on-prem installation option for large enterprises with high data privacy requirements. They fulfill the need for a standardised enterprise platform with a unified user interface to streamline VR/AR/MR applications. The platform allows enterprises to design, build and run VR and AR applications and contains an easy to use deployment as well as roles and rights management solution. The Volkswagen Group recently announced to be the first to roll-out the Innoactive® Hub ( globally using the HTC Vive.

Innoactive® Guide: In a pilot project with MediaMarktSaturn, Europe’s biggest consumer electronic retailer, Innoactive created an avatar-based Microsoft HoloLens App ( called Innoactive® Guide. The App allows store visitors to receive an innovative shopping experience by meeting Paula. The speaking virtual avatar escorts users through SATURN stores while presenting new products and their unique features.


*We're looking for more AR individuals/companies to demo or otherwise participate in this and future events with us! Contact Anna if interested!

**Apologies to folks for any inconvenience related to the last minute date change!

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